The following regular meetings of PNG have taken place:


1975   Strasbourg, F - Freiburg, FRG (Benoit, Hild - Burchard, Cantow)
1977   London, UK (Allen)
1978   Breisach, near Freiburg, FRG (Burchard)
1979   Jablonna, PL (Ziabicki)
1980   Karlovy Vary, CS (Dusek)
1982   Strasbourg, F (Hild)
1984   Manchester, UK (Stepto, Stanford, Still, Ross-Murphy)
1986   Elsinore, DK (Kramer)
1988   Freiburg, FRG (Burchard)
1990   Jerusalem, IL (Gottlieb)
1992   San Diego, USA (Eichinger)
1994   Prague, CZ (Dusek)
1996   Doorn, NL (te Nijenhuis)
1998   Trondheim, Norway (Stokke)
2000   Krakow, PL (Galina)
2002   Autrans, F (Geissler)
2004   Bethesda, USA (Amis/Horkay)
2006   Sheffield, UK (Stanford/Ross-Murphy/Ryan)
2008   Larnaca, Cyprus (Patrickios)
2010   Goslar, Germany (Oppermann)
2012   Jackson Hole, WY, USA
2014   Tokyo, Japan
2016   Stockholm, Sweden
2018   Prague, Czech Republic


The programmes of the meetings include contributions in all areas relevant to the formation, structure, properties and applications of polymer networks, but usually a special emphasis is put on certain topics, which vary from meeting to meeting.


The most recent PNG Meetings Publications


Selected papers from the PNG meetings have been published as Special Issues in Macromolecular Symposia for the past few years. The latest of those publications are shown below:


Title: Polymer Gels: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

Editor: Ferenc Horkay and Eva Malmström Jonsson

PNG Meeting: Stockholm,

Sweden, 2016,

Published: April 2017, vol. 372, 153 pages.


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Title: Networks and Biopolymer Assemblies

Editor: Ferenc Horkay and Mitsuhiro Shibayama

PNG Meeting: Tokyo,

Japan, 2014

Published: December 2015, vol. 358, 238 pages.


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Title: Polymer Gels: Formation, Structure, Properties and Applications

Editor: Christopher N. Bowman and Ferenc Horkay

PNG Meeting: Jackson Hole, Wyoming,

USA, 2012

Published: July 2013, vol. 329, 201 pages.


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Special Issue: Polymer Networks
Issue edited by: Wilhelm Oppermann, Diethelm Johannsmann, Arne Langhoff, Gert Heinrich
Volume 306-307, Issue 1. Pages v–ix, 1–165
Published: September 2011


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